Taking stock of a year of blog posts

We have now been blogging for more than a year and published 70 blogs on a range of food safety topics. I have started to lose track of all the blogs and thought it was about time for both you and me to list them all to jog our memories. Thus you can now find a list of blogs in the top most menu.

Blogging efforts (Illustration: Francesco Pozzi)

Blogging efforts (Illustration: Francesco Pozzi)

So far we have been sparse with coverage of bad bugs with only 4 published blogs. This is of course an important food safety topic but covered extensively by many others.

Bad bugs not extensively covered (Photo: Wikimedia)

Bad bugs not extensively covered (Photo: Wikimedia)

Dangerous foods and not so dangerous foods have been more fun to write about. This has resulted in 21 blogs published so far and this seems to be the most popular topic on this website. Rucola and coffee-leaf tea have been the most visited topics. Kale received the most comments both on the blog and in private emails.

Rucola received a lot of interest

Rucola received a lot of interest

Debated additives have also received limited coverage with only 5 published blogs. Additives are often high up on the public risk list but are in most cases strictly regulated. Aspartame has been covered in several blogs but has now received a conclusive opinion by EFSA. If that will prove sufficient is still to be seen.

Aspartame and additive debated a lot

Aspartame and additive debated a lot

Nasty chemicals is an area close to my heart and this has resulted in 24 blogs published so far. Sometimes these blogs can cover quite complex issues difficult to digest. Most official opinions are difficult to read so I have attempted to simplify the issues without compromising on the science. Not an easy task but you be the judge if I have been successful.

Infant development

Juvenile brain development can be hampered by lead contamination

There has been a lot of activity in relation to health claims assessment in Europe with new legislation enforced. Here we have covered what we have called spurious health claims in 16 blogs. Some have been valid claims, some still not proven, but many just old tradition.

Healthy kale (Photo: Mike)

Healthy kale (Photo: Mike)

I would be happy to take requests for new blog topics, just add a comment in the bottom of this blog.

With this summary it is time to celebrate the festive season and take a break from blogging. We will come back in the new year with renewed vigour.

Many thanks for your interest and please come back many times.


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